When this farming and ranching community, San Patricio was founded in about 1875, it was called Ruidoso. When an Irish priest built a small church here (right), dedicating it to St. Patrick, the name was changed to San Patricio. The town became a favorite hangout of Billy the Kid during the time of the Lincoln County War. In 1878 a posse ransacked the village while searching for Billy and other "Regulators."

San Patricio, in more recent times, has been home to actress Helen Hayes, author Paul Horgan and artists Michael Hurd, Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth. Peter Hurd bought land along the Rio Ruidoso and built an adobe hacienda by the river. An avid polo player, Hurd built his own polo field and a stable for his ponies. Today, adjacent to the polo field, is found the Hurd La Rinconada Gallery.
Glencoe New Mexico
Coe Family Farm
Several brothers from the Coe family came here from Missouri in 1875, harvesting their first crop the following year. In the summer of 1877 William Bonney, later known as Billy the Kid, worked as a hand on the Coe Ranch.
Coe Family Farm
Tinne New Mexico
Tinne Silver Dollar
Tinnie began life in 1876 as "Analla." Later, it was called Las Cuevas (the caves), for the caves in which the earliest settlers lived, then, for a short time, "Cuba.
Tinne Silver Dollar Bar
Hondo Iris Farm
MIchael Hurd, 'All Saint's Eve