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In 1881 famous outlaw Billy the Kid escaped from the Lincoln County Courthouse in Lincoln. During his escape The Kid allegedly shot and killed two deputies, but he was never indicted for the murders...

New Mexico's Billy the Kid Trail received a National Scenic Byway designation from the Federal Highway Commission in June of 1998. Billy the Kid Trail pays tribute to the infamous "Wild West" outlaw and several other western icons, including Smokey the Bear. From the Hubbard Museum of the American West, to Fort Stanton, to the Lincoln State Monument, to the Smokey Bear Museum and Park, the region promises exciting experiences filled with culture, history, and recreation.

The Lincoln County area is rich in history.
It has been home to Billy the Kid, the Lincoln County War, the Mescalero Apache tribe, Kit Carson, "Black Jack" Pershing, the Buffalo Soldiers, the world's richest Quarter Horse race and Smokey Bear. Take an online "tour" of the communities along the Byway.

Lincoln County is a tourist favorite because of its beautiful scenery, wonderful climate, special events, summer horse racing & superior winter skiing.

The Byway is home to a wide variety of excellent galleries, studios & museums. Follow the Byway and you'll find a eclectic collection of period & contemporary crafts of the highest caliber- paintings, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, fiber arts, woodworking, glass and basketry.
Hurd La Rinconada
Gallery, San Patricio
Quick Facts
Byway Length:
84 miles / 134.4 km
Time to Allow:
Plan at least 2 hours for your tour of the Billy the Kid Scenic Byway
There are no fees.
Smokey Bear Museum
Scenic Byway
Interpretive Center
Ruidoso Downs
The Nortorious Billy the Kid
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Billy the Kid
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